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Post  marielaure on 9/11/2009, 11:26 am

Hi everyone! last day we (Lucie, Marie, Xavier & me) met Valérie and we talked about the presentation of the vimy prize in french high schools.

Then we talked about subsidies for next year... so I ask you=> how could we obtain subsidies in order to reduce the financial part asked to the participants? Xavier (who made a lot of pix) suggested the realisation of a 'vimy calendar', then the idea of paying concerts (with the help of friends's rock bands for example!)... if you have any idea you're welcome !

en attendant, good luck for your studies, take care and think about glance at the forum sometimes!

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Post  Preston Arens on 11/16/2009, 9:52 pm

I would submit marketing the medals and pins to youth organizations such as scouts, cadets, etc.
The pins could be distributed on commemorative dates (raising awareness) while the medals could be distributed for individual acheivement, ie: visiting battlefields themselves, doing a research project, voluntering at a number of remembrance activities, and so on.
This type of organization usually has some sort of merit system often involving badges or the like. The medals could act as a badge of acheivement for their work. (Or we could design a Vimy Badge.)
In the end, the Vimy foundation receives funds for the sale of the medals, as well as publicity and interest from the other organizations (partnerships get press, especially with youth) and their members (who see their peers with a shiny medal!). They, in turn, receive new activities with worthwhile rewards.

Preston Arens

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ideas for subsidies Empty subsidies

Post  Valerie on 1/9/2010, 10:52 am

Good idea, Preston. Would there be any way for you to approach the cadets with the merit idea? We are already negotiating with Cadets to distribute pins but it is going to take awhile to move forward. Local interest on your part may help.


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ideas for subsidies Empty Re: ideas for subsidies

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